Popular Online Survival Games

They are the most demanded online games, and there are many, yet they all have things in common. Apocalyptic scenarios and boundary situations that are solved from the comfort of the sofa. In Silver games, they are free of charge, and you do not have to register or download anything.

It must be that what we like most-at least from the other side of the screen-is to star in boundary situations because if you look at online survival games that are in the fashion, we are always faced with apocalyptic and catastrophic scenarios.

This is how all the arguments begin, ensuring the starting point for action where survivors of these catastrophes will have to face external hostility. There’s always someone about to kill the player whether it’s a zombie or other creatures.

The standard links of fashion games are more, as in all of them the player must seek sustenance and shelter, while if there is one thing that seems to ensure their success is that they are all open to possible developments, so the game never ends, and can always surprise a little more.

The Online Game Survival Simulator is one of the most popular fashion games for people of different profiles. In this case, it is necessary to demonstrate the skills to survive in an arid desert, to look for food, to set up a house or any shelter, to respond to the attack of predatory animals, and in short, to learn to survive.

The constant challenge to which this type of video game is subjected is what creates addiction, but as small achievements are continually achieved, the player feels rewarded to follow.

The catch is this: an escape from the real world in which problems created by adversities are quickly satisfied, but not all players seek to escape their reality but entertain themselves for a while. The truth is that online games make players feel competent about something, and perhaps in real life, it will be more challenging to get this merit, given the fierce competition in all fields.

The Online Game Battle Royale is one of the Star games, and as it is played with other people, there is the possibility of socializing. The Fornite modality that confronts 50 players against 50 others randomly was a success, but there are many more. The fact is that in China, clones are already coming out of these games to mansalva, and some of them can also be found here and on the net.

The reason for choosing this game over others is that you can very well determine your appearance and thus distinguish yourself from others-which is always a plus-but what also adds up is the brutality that sometimes unfolds in these virtual scenarios.

The online games in Silver games are waiting for you to choose yours. The site is divided by sections into Play Store mode, features the most popular games and then are grouped by categories: from action to puzzles. The games are free and to access them you do not have to register on any site or download any software, choose the game, download it and play.

You can take the opportunity to download video games for the whole family because there are also games for children. It’s hard to get the idea that video game players aren’t just teenagers with social relationship problems.

In the USA, the average age of a gamer is 35, and women already represent 41% of players. The good news is that of this 41%, 20% have access to survival games under neutral nicks-because they still think that the name of a woman on-screen makes their peers suspicious of their abilities-so careful with a light voice without knowing for sure who is challenging you.